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British Sea Power: interview about "Valhalla Dancehall" album

This year Mercury Prize nominees for "Do You Like Rock Music?" British Sea Power, has released on Rough Trade Records, their fourth studio album entitled "Valhalla Dancehall". In our series of interviews - "In My Own Words", British Sea Power frontman Yan Scott Wilkinson, exclusively for readers of Wiadomosci24.pl speaks about newly released album "Valhalla Dancehall". Band has appeared this year at Best Major Festival in Europe - Heineken Open'er Festival.

Yan Scott Wilkinson/British Sea Power / Fot. http://www.britishseapower.co.uk1. "Who’s in control" Yan Scott Wilkinson/British Sea Power: Martin handed me an instrumental guitar stomp and I came up with the rest. There’s a lot to be unhappy with in the world these days. Greedy bankers, idiotic politicians, the drift towards the rightwing, possible Armageddon and lack of concern for nature or just the closing down of libraries and a lot of shit television featuring talentless fuckwits. Imagining a sort of J.G Ballard inspired erotic uprising against all of this I penned these lyrics which first led to a student uprising in the u.k. and then a pro democracy riot across the middle east. Unfortunately as Jarvis Cocker wrote”the cunts still rule the world”. One can but try.

2. "We are sound" Yan Scott Wilkinson/British Sea Power: A beautiful two part number written by noble our guitarist. As is his love he taped various wild birds and made them sound like a synthesizer loop through the whole song. Theres special mentions for my two favorite Francis’. Black Francis and Francis Bacon.

3. "Georgie Ray" Yan Scott Wilkinson/British Sea Power: A hopeful but doomed science fiction piano ballad combining George Orwell and Ray Bradbury. Both amazing writers who warned us of dangerous futures and gave us clues as to how to we can avoid them. Unfortunately there are many deaf ears in this world.

British Sea Power / Fot. http://www.britishseapower.co.uk4. "Stunde null" Yan Scott Wilkinson/British Sea Power: A very optimistic song inspired by a phrase I first heard on a documentary film about krautrock band Neu!. It’s a song wishing for a fresh start.

5. "Mongk2" Yan Scott Wilkinson/British Sea Power: My brothers song. I don’t know what its about. I’m not even sure he does. Theres some strange stuff going on in there. Its one of my favorites and could knock you over live. A bit like New Order on steroids.

6. "Luna" Yan Scott Wilkinson/British Sea Power: A dreamy song about fragile minds, blankets of stars and the moon rising over the Sussex downs where we recorded most of the album. It was originally over twenty minutes long but I cut it down to a palatable 4 for the album.

7. "Baby" Yan Scott Wilkinson/British Sea Power: A rather ethereal piece. Again, written by my brother Hamilton. There is something about nitric acid and a squirrel but don’t let that put you off. Its very beautiful and tranquil.

British Sea Power / Fot. http://www.britishseapower.co.uk8. "Living is so easy" Yan Scott Wilkinson/British Sea Power: Whilst in the serene quiet countryside making this record I couldn’t help but dream of parties after a while. This is one that everyone is invited to. Quite different from some of the other stuff, fairly synth based dreamy and tranquilized.

9. "Observe the skies" Yan Scott Wilkinson/British Sea Power: Yet again the stars and constellations drifted into the song writing. When there are no street lights to block them they really are a wonder to behold. I don’t actually think this song is about anything. Sometimes I experimented with random writing and cut up techniques like the ones William Burroughs deployed.

10. "Cleaning out the rooms" Yan Scott Wilkinson/British Sea Power: An epic song by Hamilton. It surely has to be about something monumental and tragically emotional. So I asked him. He said it was about the joys of housework and having a nice tea afterwards in a clean room!

British Sea Power / Fot. http://www.britishseapower.co.uk11. "Thin black sail" Yan Scott Wilkinson/British Sea Power: More or less dr. strange love meets Scottish artist Ian Hamilton Finlay set to a punk backing.

12. "Once more now" Yan Scott Wilkinson/British Sea Power: The most epic of Hamiltons epic outbursts on the record. Very long but also worth it.

13. "Heavy water" Yan Scott Wilkinson/British Sea Power: A song about radiation, love and h2o. A classic combination destined to become more popular as the century unfolds.

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