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Cultural Kaleidoscope in Biały Brzeg

In Biały Brzeg above Pilica river is in progress a international exchange. In exchange participate scouts from Poland, Bulgaria and Malta.

Scouts by the fire / Fot. Paweł DudekScouts are in Biały Brzeg from 7 to 14 August. They explored national traditions and the culture of Poland, Malta and Bulgaria.

- Yesterday we made a cooking evening. Every country prepare national food. The food was delicious. Poles prepared dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms, herrings and traditional cakes - say Agnieszka from Poland.

Scouts explored Poland and they went sightseeing (e.g. Culture and Science Palace, Krakowskie Przedmieście Street, President Palace) and Radomsko too.

Scouts are participated in an activity in sign language and national dances.Horse riding / Fot. Paweł Dudek

- This exchange was awsome and full of wonderfull activities in which we had chance to integrate with Polish and Bulgerian scouts. The exchange helped us to get to know more about different cultures and traditions. We thank all the organisers for the help and kindness, and we hope that we have the opportunity to come back to Biały Brzeg - say Joseph.

Scouts recived money for International exchange "Cultural Kaleidoscope" from European Union. Project is organize by ZHP Hufiec Radomsko. Leadres of Poland is hm. Marta Krzysztofik and phm. Agnieszka Misiak.Traditional food of Bulgaria / Fot. Paweł Dudek

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