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Deine Lakaien "Indicator" - "In My Own Words"

Dark-wave scene legend Deine Lakaien, released this year, new studio album entitled "Indicator".

Deine Lakaien "Indicator" - album cover / Fot. Joerg Grosse GeldermannIn our series of articles "In My Own Words", band members of Deine Lakaien: vocalist Alexander Veljanov with composer&pianist Ernst Horn, speaks on newly released album "Indicator", exclusively for Wiadomości24.pl

1. "One Night" Deine Lakaien: - Someone falling in love, anxiously waiting for a signal. He does not show his emotions in his daily life, while the night brings imaginations that go far beyond all borders.

2. "Who’ll Save Your World" Deine Lakaien: - One of the first songs we wrote for the new album "Indicator" and already played live at our acoustic concerts last winter. It is a very positive and powerful song which tries to express that everybody should try to improve the circumstances of life in general. We are all responsible for the future of ourselves and of all our friends and neighbours.

Deine Lakaien (from left): Ernst Horn, Alexander Veljanov / Fot. Joerg Grosse Geldermann3. "Gone" Deine Lakaien: - Two people in love. They‘re trying to get together but never succeed and finally they recognize: "it‘s too late!"

4. "Immigrant" Deine Lakaien: - The typical situation of young Africans in Europe. Their families had raised the money for his illegal immigration and now they expect from him the periodical payments. Due to his illegal status he will be dependent on low-paid-jobs. His personal wishes and ambitions become irrelevant.

5. "Blue Heart" Deine Lakaien: - A song full of hope and and an invitation to leave behind sad and grey moments. Everybody is able to learn from disappointing experiences and should take the chances offered to escape and reach for better times.

6. "Europe" Deine Lakaien: - If we really want to reach a better situation of a maybe rich and equal multinational Europe, maybe this song could be a hymn to dance and listen to.

Deine Lakaien (from left): Alexander Veljanov, Ernst Horn / Fot. Joerg Grosse Geldermann7. "Along Our Road" Deine Lakaien: - A song for all the people who are lucky to share the long way through the ups and downs together with a dedicated and helpful, caring and daring person.

8. "Without Your Words" Deine Lakaien: - A song written in a kind of chansonlike way. There were lyrics in different languages, English, French, German. This version is in English and tries to describe the power of words although maybe music is sometimes stronger than words.

9. "Six O’Clock" Deine Lakaien: - An angry comment about the way children and women get often abused in the name of religion, economy and society.

10. "Go Away Bad Dreams" Deine Lakaien: - Simply what the title says: Peaceful illusionary dreams that fall into disaster. Nightmares, you can‘t eliminate from your memory.

11. "On Your Stage Again" Deine Lakaien: - Dedicated to all or fans and to our history...all these years ,ready to travel from stage to stage in the name of music.

12. "The Old Man Is Dead" Deine Lakaien: - With a prominent person in mind, not that sort of primitive fascist, but a follower of Nietzsches ideas, authorizing the superior to declare war on „low-value-humans“.

Deine Lakaien "Indicator": released 17.01.2010

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Deine Lakaien official website

Deine Lakaien official MySpace pageDeine Lakaien (from left): Ernst Horn, Alexander Veljanov / Fot. Joerg Grosse GeldermannDeine Lakaien (from left): Alexander Veljanov, Ernst Horn / Fot. Joerg Grosse Geldermann

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