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European terrorism infancy?

Air crash of Malaysian Airlines “Boeing”, which is also called “the air crash of the 21st century”, shocked the whole world and made everyone to regard the conflict occurring in eastern Ukraine differently.

 / Fot. purmseIf earlier on Russia’s suggestion, we, many Europeans and the international community as a whole, perceived military actions in the Donbas as much as inter-ethnic confrontation in terms of infringing the rights of Russian-speaking population, after the massacre of Donetsk separatists over Malaysian aircraft with citizens of many countries on board, the world began to regard these self-proclaimed republics (DPR and LPR) as terrorist organizations. Moreover, their actions and ideology are compared with infamous Al-Qaeda.
Both types of terrorist organizations are opposed to the legally elected government, which in their opinion supposedly represents “absolute evil”. And if Al-Qaeda is fighting against U.S., Israeli and European “godless Satanists”, the DPRLPR are doing this against Ukrainian “Bendera-fascists”, “gay-Europe” and “American imperialism”. For all that, both Al-Qaeda and DPRYLPR have the same two enemies - the United States and the European Union.

“Kindred” organizations allow themselves almost any methods of struggle, falling under the most direct evidences of international terrorism. It is inherent to terrorist associations and as with Donetsk separatists, to hostage (DPR and LPR terrorists seized as hostages the OSCE mission members, journalists), to use explosives and to use civilians as a human shield.
DPL with LPR, as other terrorists declare war to countries, blurry declaring the ultimate goal of their struggle. They are talking about willingness to fight till “absolute victory”, without explaining how they understand it for themselves. And they give no programs of socio-economic or political development for territories they are struggling for.
The ultimate goal of such organizations is in the war itself, but not in “revolutionary change of society”. They are just weapon in someone’s hands, but not politically independent “revolutionaries” or “militias”.
Both Al-Qaeda and Donbas terrorist’s main method of struggle is planned provocation of legitimate authorities to responding usage of force, putting by these actions civilians at risk, knowing in advance that their demands will never be accepted by any authority of any country.
So, dear fellow EU citizens, we should be careful. Activities of such entities as Ukrainian DPR and LPR lead not only to Ukraine destruction but can serve as Russia’s ’’first attempt at writing” in destabilization of situation in the whole Europe or even in it’s split. And also development of separatist and radical movements, which are contributing destabilization to the European institution and countries activities.
We petition the obama administration to:
Recognize the Donetsk and Luhansk People's republics as terrorist organizations
In April 2014 in Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine, illegal military formations proclaimed so-called Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics (DPR and LPR). Since that time, number of victims has exceeded 1 000 people, two large industrial regions were significantly destroyed, 10 000 people have already left the conflict zone. On 17 of July over the territory which is controlled by the DPR and LPR Malaysian Airlines Boeing was taken down. Nearly 300 people from different countries died. Geographically, Ukraine is the centre of Europe. Thus, in the center of Europe, the most powerful source of tension over the last 60 years is going to be formed. I appeal to inscribe Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics by the State Department in a list of terrorist organizations.

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P.Grzegorz Wasiluk : "bullshit" pisze się przez "i" . Wprawdzie "sheet" i "shit" mają bardzo podobną wymowę, ale jednak oznaczają zdecydowanie coś innego.

Komentarz został ukrytyrozwiń

Stop talking bullsheet! Paul Craig Roberts and Robert Parry has definitely exposed your madness. There is only one future which the world without strong Russia amd strong China expects: a salafite one.

Komentarz został ukrytyrozwiń

I think it's not an "european terrorism", although we have to see Russia as a principal troublemaker.

Komentarz został ukrytyrozwiń

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