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Europe’s dangerous mistake

Most of the inhabitants in the former ”Eastern block” countries believe that ”Old Europe” is a piece of Paradise on Earth, a perfect place to live.

 / Fot. sheremet It is especially true for countries with a "post-Soviet syndrome"; the quantity of their citizens, residing – legally or, very often, illegally, - in the Western Europe is increasing from year to year.They prefer to ignore that now the EU faces many challenges. A lot of international experts believe that the biggest problem of the European Community is inconsistency between ”old” and ”new” Member States, which do not meet a great number of economic and political criteria. This fact causes a significant imbalance in development of the Union as a whole, but high-level officials in Brussels prefer not to notice this reality.
The last wave of EU enlargement saw: making fateful decisions in a harry, hasty entry into the EU and rash adoption of the agreements. As a result some new EU Members do not share democratic principles, common European values and high standards of living. Brussels even allowed a revanchist country to become a member of the European family. The country spends European money on its ephemeral ideas instead of its economy development, civil society building and improvement of people's wellbeing.
The speech is about Romania, to be more precise, about the European mistake under the name "Romania". It has already became clear that the EU had made a big mistake when had approved Romania’s joining the Union. Now Romania is transforming into a place where armed conflict may break out.
Romania was granted the EU membership as an advance. It was a sort of compensation for the sufferings during Ceausescu’s era. It was widely believed that the life under that regime was a vaccine against re-sliding into totalitarianism. But even at that times there were voices warning against making hasty decisions in virtue of political expediency. Sober economic calculations demonstrated that Romanian economy was not able to function as a part of European mechanism. Social and political situation analyses testified that changes in state administration and government system and civil society life were of a cosmetic nature. Proclaimed abandonment of xenophobia was a mere illusion. Traditions of bureaucratic corruption have survived in Romania despite all the actions, efforts and means.
Therefore the EU has incorporated the country with a sick economy, an inefficient and corrupt government, with an incurable xenophobia syndrome and aggressive foreign policy. Sometimes Romania resembles Putin’s Russia, but a tiny one. Nevertheless Europe should react to Romania’s unhealthy ambitions, because it bears full responsibility for Romania.
People's Liberal Party of Sweden has already set an alarm. Its representatives raised the issue of labor force non-stop supply from Romania to successful EU MS. In other words, they are concerned about uncontrolled migration flows from Romania. This issue is not new. But nowadays it is being raised in the context of unwillingness and inability of Bucharest to develop its economy. Romanian authorities are unable to allocate European money effectively and implement development projects. Only 27% of appropriated funds were used! This means that economy doesn’t create real jobs, and Romanians have to look for work and better life in the Western Europe.
One of the key factors that impede social and economic progress is corruption. Romania is not an exception to the rule. Vlasov, Chamber of Commerce Chair, has recently been arrested on charges of bribery (he wanted to get one million euros). Moreover, President Basescu has accused the head of the government of public funds embezzlement. The President affirms that the Prime-Minister with his milieu managed to misappropriate 3 bln. US dollars, which were allocated by the EU to support economic development in Romania. It means that in practice Romania receives far less money than Europe reasonably hopes for! However, it’s worth to recall that at the beginning of his political career Basescu had no aversion to smuggling and fraud. Journalists consider that the President may be sentenced to 187 years in prison for his illegal activities.
An opinion-poll conducted by the IRES confirms that economic situation in Romania is grave. Only 15% of Romanians believed that their living standards improved during five years. 37% of respondents said that their living conditions deteriorated. These figures correlate with the data of another survey, when 74% of respondents negatively assessed government policy, 40% said that they did not consider their country a reliable one in terms of employment. 34% said that their living standards were low.
But one shouldn’t judge official Bucharest too sternly for the failures in real economy. After all "it has a dream". The dream about “Romania Mare”. Romanian leaders are always trying to make this dream come true.
Even at the expense of the economy. Despite the fact that this dream consumes a huge amount of money, efforts, and time. Realization of the dream is financed by state budget funds. The government doesn’t spend money on industrial development, unemployment reduction, social benefits and medical care.. The government prefers to invest EU’s funds into the organization “Actiunea-2012”. The key task of “Actiunea-2012” is to explain to the neighbors - Moldovans - that their ancestors were miserable, illiterate, and wrong, when incorrectly called themselves Moldovans because they were Romanians. The Romanian government also finances activists in Chisinau and Orhei, who declare that Moldova soon will be the part of “Romania Mare” and the duty in conscience of every future Romanian citizen is to help Moldova to rejoin the Homeland.

It is impossible to find who are the other recipients of “money for dream”! But one can easily predict the desired results of such an activity - Romania is preparing annexation of Moldova, similar to Russian act in the Crimea. Bucharest is doing its best to regenerate “Romania Mare”, while ignoring a severe situation in the economy, corruption and widening gap between the poor and the rich, ordinary people and decision-makers, dreams and reality.
Russia’s policy may serve as an example how to break international law, to violate a neighboring country's territory and go unpunished. It’s no surprise that some Romanian nationalists announce quite seriously that it will be no border between Romania and Moldova by 2019.
Romanian authorities look at everything through “Romania Mare” glasses and don’t care a hang for European principles and Europarliamentarians’ warnings. They don't even concern themselves with the Transdniestrian conflict. Bucharest is not worried about the probability to bring in war straight to EU.
Europe should take preventive measures against Romania and its daydreaming leaders till their dreams don’t become nightmares for the rest of Europe. Antoine de Saint-Exupery wrote that we ”become responsible, forever”, for what we have tamed. European security system faces too many challenges nowadays and it is not good time to put additional burden on it (and on EU budget).

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