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How to become an English teacher in Asia?

How difficult is it these days to get a teaching job in Bangkok for someone who is considered a non-native speaker of English?

Dusit Thani College, Bangkok, Thailand / Fot. Marek LenarcikWe’ve discussed this topic before in the ajarn hot seat, but if memory serves me correctly - never with a European teacher. Marek Lenarcik kindly offers to fill us in.

Marek, thanks for the opportunity to chat. You originally hail from Poland. It's a country I've wanted to visit for a long time. Worth a trip?
Definitely! Poland has something to cater for every visitor from the Baltic Sea in the North through 2,700 large lakes, and countless little “lakelets” in the East to the mountains in the South. City lovers can visit Warsaw which has everything which the European capital should have, Cracow which is often referred to as “the cultural capital of Poland” or Wrocław or Poznań which have more “western” character due to their proximity to the German border.

You should write for guidebooks. Now then, you left Poland to study for a second degree in Ireland. Have I got that right? Poland to Ireland sounds like an unusual connection for a young man making his way in the world?
That’s correct, however, the situation was more complicated. My mother, father and sister moved from Warsaw to Dublin in 2004. I visited them as often as I could and eventually decided to move there as well. Ireland was always on my mind and I wanted to live there. I applied for seven or nine postgraduate programmes in a few different institutions and got a rejection letter from all of them, due to the alleged incompatibility of Polish and Irish educational systems. They did not want to honour my BA degree from Poland. A year later I applied for only one programme at the Trinity College Dublin which happens to be the best university in Ireland. I got accepted on the spot.
Dusit Thani College, Bangkok, Thailand / Fot. Marek Lenarcik
You settled down in Ireland and got a job with Microsoft. What were you doing for Mr Gates?
Ireland is a home to Microsoft European Operations Centre serving the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa). I had worked as a Senior Licensing Representative. It was sort of a business analyst position with a lot of administration and business support for Microsoft’s corporate customers.

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