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In the middle of confict - interview with Jason P. Howe

About passion, travels and war we talk with Jason P. Howe - photojournalist who has worked for many newspapers, magazines: The New York Times, The Times of London, "The Daily Telegraph & The Sunday Telegraph, Newsweek, Le Figaro Magazine.

 / Fot. Jason P. Howe archivesWhy did you choose the career of photojournalist? What is exciting about this job?
- I spent many years as a travel photographer and eventually became bored with it and wanted to do something that I felt had more value.

What are the most important things in photojournalist’s career?
- It varies from person to person. For many it is about telling untold or hidden stories, for other it is simply a fascinating job that allows one to witness history being made, first hand.

Are you interested only in war photography or any other kinds of photography?
- Conflict photography has held my attention for a long time but I also love the kind of work done by National Geographic etc. too.

 / Fot. Jason P. HoweIn which country did you meet the most unusual people?
- There are 'unusual' people everywhere. I found the Colombian people to be amongst the most friendly and open people I have ever met. The people of Afghanistan always impress me with their resilience.

You’ve seen the most dangerous places in the word. How do you find yourself in common life?
- I tend to get very 'frustrated' in 'normal' life. The tiny problems that people allow to overwhelm them seem so inconsequential compared to what people in war or disaster zones are coping with. The appetite for violence as entertainment and the almost rabid consumerism also can seem quite offensive after spending time with the real victims of violence and those who have no possessions and few prospects.

What was the scariest situation you have had so far?
- It is hard to say what has really been the most scary situation but when my hotel in Baghdad was destroyed by a double suicide bomb attack whilst I was in it I did think for a few moments that maybe I was going to die there. It was one of those times that your life flashes through your mind and think about any regrets you might have and what you will do if you survive.

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