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1028 miejsce

Kremlin attacks Ukrainian-Polish relations

Providing hybrid war against Ukraine, Kremlin keeps creating new ways of attack. The recent assault was terror attack aimed at Polish diplomatic mission, combined with massive media campaign against Ukraine.

 / Fot. Jack Smith Providing hybrid war against Ukraine, Kremlin keeps creating new ways of attack. The recent assault was terror attack aimed at Polish diplomatic mission, combined with massive media campaign against Ukraine. In the late night of March 28-29 the diplomatic mission of Poland in Lutsk was shot with RPG-22 rocket launcher. Russia has never done such cynical acts yet. What was the background for such speculations? What is the proof of Russian participation in this terror act? While typing comments, hundreds of Russian “trolls” snatched the thesis “a thief isn’t a thief until caught in the act”, accusing Ukraine and Poland with assaulting Russia in arranging the attack without any evidences. However, ancient Romans knew that the guilty is the one who is interested in the result of an action. “Cui prodest?” – that’s how ancient Romans figured out the sense of it. Russia is the country, which is greatly interested in that. During the last years, since Crimea has been illegally annexed, there were many attempt to insult Ukrainian-Polish relations, to provoke conflict between two fraternal nations which are enough smart to overcome historical discords and to provide good-neighbourly relations. Today, Poland and Lithuania are the most active and consistent defenders of Ukraine in European Union at the time of continuing war at the East of Ukraine. Such situation does not satisfy Russian geo-strategists using ancient principle “to divide and to rule” which is the main principle of Russian geo-policy in its attempts to be the last empire in the world. Despite the economic problems, caused by the sanctions, Russia keeps spending a lot of money to support anti-Ukrainian movements in western regions of Ukraine and Poland. Realizing that both parties understand who arranged the terror attack, Russia uses its agents to increase the importance of this case, to make Ukrainian-Polish relations worse. We cannot skip another Polish politician Janusz Korwin-Mikke. During the long time, he brutally demonstrates direct support of all Russian actions and uses all platforms and forums to declare Crimea as Russian territory and to declare Ukraine has started war in Donbas. There are a lot of others pro-Russian and fascist parties in Poland, as Zmiana, Falanga, The Camp of Great Poland. The leader of Zmiana Mateus Piskorski is now under investigation in relation of espionage. Polish investigators have already confirmed he delivered large sums of money from Russian intelligence services. There are many other political movements, not so well known but ambitious and rabid. Because of the small number of participants and the lack of their own financial resources, they do not squeamish about accepting Russian money.

Yet everything came down to the acts of vandalism and
outrages upon Ukrainian cemeteries and Ukrainian symbols, and it provoked response actions of Ukrainian ultra-national groups. Such acts were always a fly in the ointment of Ukrainian-Polish relations. The fast and proper reaction of Ukrainian party and adequate position of major Polish politicians, including the leader of The Right and Justice Jaroslav Kachinski and Polish minister of defense Antoni Macerevich show that another attempt to drive a wedge between two countries failed. However, an unpleasant aftertaste remains.

Concerning these facts, it is worth of mentioning that new accusations in relation to Smolenk plane crash, indicted by Polish government, show that provocations similar to that in Lutsk, have no future. Everyone in Poland realizes who is a main danger for Europe and for the whole world. At the same time, Ukrainian government has responded to the situation immediately, and security of Polish diplomatic mission and the missions of other countries was reinforced.

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