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My the best book? You are asking me to choose amound my children!

About carieer, passion, work as a teacher, and historical books we talk with Marc Leepson, American journalist, historian an author of six books, the most recently ”Desperate Engagement”.

portret of M.Leepson / Fot. Public DomainWhy did you decide to connect job as a historian and books author with work in newspapers? How does it begin?
- I was a journalist from 1974 to 1986, working as a staff writer for Congressional Quarterly in Washington, D.C. I had been free-lancing on the side and decided to try free-lancing full time in 1986. I have been doing that ever since.

I had received my M.A. in history in 1971 and had thought about getting my Phd and teaching. That didn’t happend, but I have always considered myself a a journalist first, and a historian second.

You are author of six books. Which one is the best, the most interesting book in your opinion? That book was the most difficult to write?
- You are asking me to choose among my children! All of them are good, all of them were interesting to write. The most difficult perhaps was Flag: An American Biography because it covered so many areas over a long period of time.

How did you start work for newspapers - for example New York Times or Washington Post? How the work looks like there?
- When I worked at Congressional Quarterly, as I said, I free-lanced on my own time. That was mainly book reviews, although it also included feature articles. I have done about 25 book reviews for the Washington Post over the years and have written some features about exercise for them, as well.

You chaired panels at academic conferences and spoken to students (American University, Georgetown University, the University of Massachusetts, University of Miami and University of Notre Dame). That can you say about historical knowlegde of your students?
- It is difficult to generalize, but I find that the historical knowledge of studies at least those who are in history classes is about what I expect. They more or less know most of the basics, but the ones in the survey courses generally dont know much in depth.

Do you meet some polish students during your lessons, conrenences?
- Sorry, no.

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