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Our worst tragedy ever

We, Polish people know what pain is. We are familiar with loss and grief. Many years of fighting foreign oppressors made us stronger to survive historical storms. But the last plane crash in Russia with almost a hundred of the outstanding representatives of Poland cannot be comprehended.

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Our country has never been in good relations with its eastern neighbour for a long time. Over 150 years of Russian domination in the XVIII/ XIX century, and then over 50 years of communistic regime after the II World War left a lot of mistrust toward our “great brother”. We cannot forget many painful encounters with our neighbours and stories of our countless people who disappeared in deep snows of the former Soviet Union. That is why we hardly can be convinced that the last catastrophe it was only an unfortunate accident.

The forests of Smolensk where the plane crashed are very symbolic to us, Poles. Seventy years ago it was where Soviet secret police murdered thousands of our high range officers, politicians and intelligence. It was a part of the plan to eliminate entire Polish nation from the map of Europe. On the 10 of April president Lech Kaczynski and 95 other polish leaders were on their way to commemorate that tragedy. Ironically they honoured that event with their own lives.

In search of the truth

It is difficult to understand why the group of most significant polish leaders went together on the Russian airplane to the heart of Russia, for the memorial of the times that Russians tried to hide from the public eyes for a half of the century? Did the theoretically better Polish – Russian relations give them assurance concerning the safety of that mission?

The local officials claim that the pilots did not understand well the information given to them from the flight controllers. That the plane was checked by the Russian specialists not long ago and it was in perfect condition, and that polish crew many times ignored warnings about the bad weather.

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