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Poznań – the capital of culture?

Polish cities compete for the possibilty to organise Expo 2016. A ferocious fight is continuing. Towns promote their sights and encourage visitors. One of them is Poznań – a city full of monuments both old and modern.

Poznań is already attracts businessmen thanks to Poznań International Fair. It’s a paradise for investors and salesmen. The city became trapped by its image. If you say “Poznań”, you don’t think of culture. It’s a mistake! There is a lot of festivals and expositions. I offer you a small guide of historic buildings and places.

Old Market Square in centre of Poznań. / Fot. Małgorzata MrozekThe most popular tourist location is the Old Market Square. There are organized meetings of Poznanians before Christmas, shows and fairs with regional dishes served. However, the biggest culture centre is “Zamek”, where you can visit about 700 events every year such as exhibitions, theatre shows and film shows. Chlidren have a great possibility to take part in educational workshops. They learn singing, movie making, painting or acting. Different exhibitions are open all the time. You may choose “pf” Photography Art Gallery, where are meetings are organised with artists and critics and presentations of contemporary world photography. Second is “Profil” Contemporary Art Gallery. Achievements of many painters are presented here, mainly from Poznań.

Stary Browar - it investor is Grażyna Kulczyk. / Fot. Małgorzata MrozekFor several years new culture centre has been in “Stary Browar”. Generally, it’s a shopping mall in form of arcades connected to the Art Courtyard. There are regular events in the evenings such as happenings, dance shows, theatre shows and exhibitions. The Cultural Poznań consists also in 20 museums, which are excellent places for exhibitions. Every year, mainly in Summer, Malta International Theatre Festival takes place at Malta Lake. This year between 23rd and 28th June, it will be the 18th edition. In the same time, audience will admire shows and concerts held also at the lake. This is recreational area is also used as a sport venue. Poznań is full of parks, which can be area for art in 2016, for example the Cytadela park, where on Fridays actors take part in passion plays.

Freedom Square - the place of concerts. / Fot. Małgorzata MrozekAs I mentioned earlier, Poznań is only one of the cities that competes for the title of European Capital of Culture 2016. The other Polish contestants are Gdańsk, Lublin, Łódź, Szczecin and Toruń. Partner’s chosen city will be one from Spain. The title will give benefits in form of EU financial support for cultural projects and renovation of historical monuments. It’s a great opportunity for Poznań for publicity, promotion and possibility to attract tourists. In my opinion, preparing to EXPO 2016 is hard work but Poznań is a very promising candidate.

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Poznań is a beautiful polish city but I think Warszawa is capital of culture. The capital of Wielkopolska shouldn't despair when they lose to Warszawa. :)

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nice place;-))))

Komentarz został ukrytyrozwiń

Poznań is a damn boring place.

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