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Przemówienia prezydenta Komorowskiego i prezydenta Obamy po dwustronnym spotkaniu

  • Źródło: Gość dnia
  • Data dodania: 2011-05-29 13:12

Przemówienia prezydenta Komorowskiego i prezydenta Obamy po dwustronnym spotkaniu w Warszawie 28 maja 2011 roku.

(As translated.)
Mr. President, I would like to express my satisfaction and my gratitude because of your presence at our summit of Central and Eastern European states.
It was an important event for the leaders of my region of Europe, our region of Europe.

Your words were also very important, when you said that in the process of European integration you can see an opportunity to reenforce the world of Western values.
Other words were also very important -- the words about keeping up an open character of both NATO and the European Union.
I know that these words go very deeply to the hearts and minds of many of the leaders of this part of Europe.

This part of Europe has its successes; it also has its problems.
And I'm very glad that there was also a meeting directly between you and the President of Ukraine.
I would like Ukraine to be a country which consistently, perhaps not very spectacularly, but still consistently striving at deepening its relations with the Western world.

I'm very happy that we could exchange our opinions about the engagement in the construction of democracy in the environment of Europe, both to the East -- for example, in Belarus, where there was a dramatic collapse of democratic processes.
So we are having to deal with the arrests and convictions of the combatants or the opposition to the current presidential elections and we also saw the harassment of the correspondent of the Polish press in Belarus.
I'm also very glad that our views are absolutely identical as far as a very firm presentation of problems of civil and human rights in Belarus.

I also would like to point out very clearly the issues connected to the security -- for the security policy.
And with satisfaction, I would like to note that the arrangements that were made in Lisbon are fully reflected in that practice of political actions taken up by the United States and NATO as a whole.

I mean here, first of all, the -- prospect of NATO missile defense program, which will take into account the possibility of cooperation with Russia, but it will continue to be an element or the tool of the alliance that will also be capable of performing tasks connected to Article 5 of the Washington Treaty.

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