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Quality of life makes us change

Nowadays children spend their summer time travelling with parents, which for example rising travel sales reported by Bankier.pl confirm. I remember time when life was easier. When there were no computers, no mobile phones, no electronic gadgets. Just people.

(Zdjęcie ilustracyjne) / Fot. AKPAAccording to bankier.pl Polish people love travelling more and more (bankier.pl). They admire exotic trips to such countries as Egypt or Morocco. Polish polling agency CBOS report shows that economic situation of Polish people has improved (CBOS). They have more money and better life conditions. No wonder why they spend hundreds of zlotys on travels. What is more, they prefer all inclusive option which is much more expansive.The travel agency’s worker Adam Kubat says that the number of people buying trips is increasing rapidly. In 2005 they sold 100 trips per year, but in 2007 the sale was six times bigger. It means that the way of spending leisure time is changing, visiting various countries is more and more popular.

And it used to be just people. People who had time for us, for doing some ordinary things all together. True friends who were observing sunsets in the evenings and shooting stars at nights... with us. Bonfires would burn long hours and we sang till morning hours. Spontaneous bicycle trips to the nearest forest or to the river, where we would splash and wet each other. There were people who accompanied us in every moment of our life. For better or worse. We did not need expansive voyages to remote countries. We had our little world in the village. Village where life was pulsating, flowers were blooming and cows were mooing.

My childhood was absolutely different than life of today's children. When I woke up in the morning I could quickly dress up, take some sandwich in the hand and go out to play outside. Most of my day I was spending in the nature. I observed trees, animals, people working in the fields. I ate raspberries straight from the bush. The same was with apples, tomatoes and cucumbers. We even had some secret path where huge cherry trees with delicious fruits were grown. We could easily climb up the tree and, sitting on some branch, eat cherries. Have you ever cought frogs? I have! Have you ever built a house on the tree? I have!

Today, children spend their summer time in different ways. They have much more money, they can visit exotic countries, sunbathe on sandy beaches at the Mediterranean Sea, try windsurfing or snorkelling. They are sometimes 10 years old and have seen and have done much more than me at the age of 22. They rarely play hide-and-seek, they prefer Medal of Honour or Tomb Rider. They do not drink orangeade from foil sacks but sweet Ice Tea. They do not travel by bicycle but by airplanes.

When I asked my 12 years old cousin how he spends his summer time the answer was simple: "With my computer". No matter what the weather is, he plays computer games all day long. Sometimes he meets with his neighbour, however they usually end up in front of computer. When I talked to my friends about their childhood and vacation most of them would recall scout camps in the forest or good fun in their home neighbourhood. Some people were travelling as well but long voyages were not so popular as today.

Do, however, today’s children run a better life? Individual as the answer may be, people's value in life remains unchanged and cannot be forgotten even in the consumption craze.

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no proszę, gratuluje takiego poziomu juz w wieku 12 lat:) czekam z niecierpliwoscia, by przeczytac Twoj artykul na English zone:)

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  • Autor usunął profil
  • 22.07.2008 11:36

czyta się to jak moje wypracowania na ang. w początkach gimnazjum.

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