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Raphael Mannequinn: I'll never be the same as I was yesterday

He is 19 years old, his from Chicago and a few months ago he released own first CD. Some people write about him as a new hope Rhythm & Blues. I present to you Raphael Mannequinn.

 / Fot. Okładka płyty RaphaelaYou have already completed the first important success, which is a record ''Canvas Music Mixtape''. What is most difficult for a young artist? Finding your sound? Convincing other people to it?
I believe the most difficult part of being a young, NEW artist is convincing people to hear you out. There is a lot of extensive self promotion that goes on just for people to hear you out. Also, finding your niche. There is a big difference between being inspired by others versus becoming a second rate version and I don't believe that a lot of artist realize that when they're developing themselves.

You are a young artist, but you're not afraid to experiment with music. Most artists prefer to stick to established routines. Do you think that people are bored with monotonous music? Are you looking for originality?
I appreciate the compliment. I think that everyone has a different taste of course; what is brilliant to one can be garbage to another so it's not about being bored, it's about flourishing with yourself and your fans. But, you can't please everyone. The element of surprise is what makes music great to me. Nothing's original nowadays, because you're taking from something of the past but I am a firm believer of keeping it fresh. If you can inspire someone to be great in their endeavors then your music is doing its purpose.

You mix rhythm & blues, pop and alternative. In the next CD do you want to go in this direction?
I can't completely tell at the moment. But, I've been listening to a lot of 90's R&B, 60's funk & urban music and I've been writing. I guess you'll just have to keep a look out this year to see how that materializes!

Amongst own inspirations are replacing Missy Elliott, Prince and Outkast. Is the outside of music something you want to derive from their experiences?
Well, It's not just the music that inspires me from these artists. Missy Elliott had many personal struggles and a lot of naysayers and she proved herself, that's why she's great to me. Prince is a legend in many's eyes including mine. Also, Outkast were able to take their eclectic mix of music and make it a mogul movement, that's what I aim to do. What I love most about these artists is that they were not afraid to be out of the box, I never want to be boxed in.

You say that ''There is a little bit of mannequin in all of us. We transform on a daily basis, as they do''. Do you want to change your image and music and surprise own fans?
Well, I'll never be the same as I was yesterday because I learned from it to apply something different today. Like I said before I believe in the element of surprise so this is only the beginning of me, only one side and I can't wait to show everyone what goes on inside my head. I won't compromise who I am as a person but I will show growth with the people that support me.

Lady GaGa once said that one day without a scandal is death for the artist. Do you agree?
Sometimes, any publicity is good publicity. But, a scandal can make or break you. With a scandal comes shock value though and I do believe that you can shock people without the scandal!

What are your plans for the near future?
This year I hope to complete and release more videos, new music & start performing! Look forward to another mixtape as well as an EP this year. The second single/video "Active Duty" will be out this spring. Also, many perks for "Team Mannequinn"/all my fans & supporters. It'll be a sign of my appreciation!

Zobacz klip do piosenki '' Crash (Dummy)''

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  • Dora
  • 09.01.2011 20:53

Curious young artist.

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