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Serbs in Poland: Karadzic's detention is good for Serbia

Współautorzy: Tomasz Kamiński

Serb minority in Poland as all Serbs says its stance upon the arrest of Radovan Kradzic. They are satisfied about it as it allows Serbia to initiate its way to the EU. Yet they see it as a way through blackmail over an innocent man.

Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic on 13 June 1994 in the Moscow airport / Fot. PAP/EPA Michael EvstafievAndrea Bielska, president of the Association of Polish-Serbian Friendship, said that they obviously feel concerned about Karadzic's arrest but don't want to take any offical position towards the fact whatsoever. They wish to keep their solely cultural character.

Member of the Serbian minority in Poland Borjan Tisma is more eloquent: "I think it's good for Serbia as it can now be allowed into the EU." However, he immediately adds "We feel blackmailed. Blackmailed over an innocent man. I think it's difficult to say if Karadzic's trial will be fair. In my opinion, the trial will take a long time just like Miloszewicz's did. It will simply be difficult to prove anything."

One of the most wanted man in the world Radovan Karadżić has been arrested in Serbia. This information has been released by the Serbian Government on Monday evening. Radovan Karadżć was a former leader of Serbs during the civil war in Yugoslavia in 1992-1995. He is also allegedly responsible for the genocide in Srebrenica in 1995. The UN war crimes court in the Hague will question him soon. The former leader of Serbs doesn't recognize the legitimacy of the Tribunal.

Soon after publishing this news people in Sarajewo started celebrating. This detention is also extremely important for the war victims and their families. What is more, the detention of Radovan Karadżić is a milestone for Serbia in talks with the EU. Already major EU politicians have congratulated the Serbian government for this breakthrough. Karadzic's arrest was a EU's condition for Serbia to be allowed to commence EU membership negotiations.

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