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Suicide Commando "Implements of hell" - "In My Own Words"

Harsh-electro scene legend, belgian Suicide Commando released this year, their new studio album, named "Implements of hell".

Suicide Commando "Implements Of Hell" - album cover / Fot. userdxIn our series of articles "In My Own Words", Johan Van Roy - leader and frontman of Suicide Commando tells exclusively the readers of Wiadomosci24.pl about a new album "Implements of hell".

1."intro"/"the pleasures of sin" Johan Van Roy (Suicide Commando):

The opening song of "implements of hell" is based upon the 1965 TV documentary "perversion for profit" which was warning the US people about the dangers of sex and perversion, warning the people about the dangers of nudity and magazines showing nudity, and warning the people about the dangers of homo sexuality, presenting homosexuality as some disease and perversion.

Even today, more then 40 years later, we still see that homosexuality or sexual actions like SM, BDSM, bondage, are often still seen as perversive or sick by a majority of people. With "the pleasures of sin" I wanted to convict this narrow minded view upon sexuality. For me sexual actions like SM, or sexual orientation like homosexuality or bisexuality are perfectly normal as long as they happen with the approval of the respective partner.

2. "the dying breed" Suicide Commando:

This song is dealing about one of the biggest dangers of mankind "greed". Our greed for power is definately one of the worlds biggest dangers along with religion and indifference. In history greed already caused many wars, many casualties, many grief. So our own greed is somehow causing our own destruction and in the end perhaps even the destruction of our own breed.

3. "die motherfucker die" Suicide Commando:

The song title actually was borrowed from a metal band called Dope, but the song in itself has a lot more to say then you might think at first. At first sight you might think it deals about a serial killer and is explaining what drove this person to his cruel actions and what drove him to become a serial killer, as it is proven that serial killers often act out of revenge for cruelty that was done to themselves when they were young, often being abused by their own parents or relatives, often being mistreated in their own childhood.

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