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Take your chance and pick up some English! You can do it!

Bored with cramming languages? Drop it! Learn English with passion and enjoy it!

We all face the truth that learning English has become an essential part of our education. Not only because this is an international language but also to broaden our horizons of thoughts. Instead of wasting your time doing nothing, take a book of English and pick up some of it!

When studying English I came across many difficulties. Everyone enjoys the “listening part”, but to your surprise, I have always had problems with it. I was deaf as a post. Not only didn’t I hear the words, but I also couldn’t focus on the material. But I did my best to face the problem and I started to watch and listen to a lot of English language programmes. It was both pleasant and useful!

I also loathed it when I was forced to learn hundreds of words to develop my vocabulary. Always, when I reeled off the list of English words which I was supposed to learn, I was confused and horrified. But I found a great solution to this problem. I started to make groups of words and associate them with some funny things. This way of learning was amusing and effective.

What helped me most to make progress in English was a trip to England. I believe that the best way to learn a foreign language is to go to the country where it's spoken as a mother tounge. There, want it or not, you have to use the language to communicate with others. What’s more, you get to know a different culture and develop your knowledge of the world. You become more tolerant and open for challenges because learning English is not only grinding grammar but also a great possibility to develop your general knowledge about life.

Take your chance and pick up some English! Believe me, you won’t regret it in future. This is one of the best investments you will ever make!

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Zdanie jest prawidlowe. Inaczej by dziwnie brzmialo...

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  • 16.07.2008 12:28

Dzieki, Maciek... Nauki nigdy za duzo :)

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  • Autor usunął profil
  • 16.07.2008 12:07

(+) Dobry tekst. Mam tylko jedno pytanie, zwlaszcza do tych, ktorzy mieszkaja w kraju angielskojezycznym. Wyrazenie: "I have always had problems with it" brzmi, moim zdaniem sztucznie, mimo zgodnosci z zasadami... Czy Anglik wyrazi sie w ten sposob?

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+ , yes, yes, good idea

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