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The amazing facts and pictures about charming Egypt

Egypt is one of the most fascinating destinations in the world and the favourite vacation spot for many people. What is interesting and magic about this place says Wiadomosci24, an Egyptian doctor of medicine-Mohamed Gharieb Ibrahem Elsawi.

pyramids and sphinx / Fot. Mohamed Gharieb Ibrahem ElsawiThere are a lot of photographs and facts about your country in the Internet. Many people spend their free time in Egypt. Egypt has a great history and a great ancient civilization that left lots of treasures, ancient monuments as well as a unique culture. Could you tell Wiadomosci24 about the most interesting places worth to visit? Which place give people the best impression?
- Well, Egypt is a big country with lots of cities, that are interesting for people from different parts in the world. The best thing in Egypt it that it there are both the historical cities with the ancient monuments and treasures left by the ancient Egyptian civilization and the beautiful resorts at the Egyptian coasts. Certainly the first city on the list is Cairo - the capital of Egypt, then Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Sharm el-Shikh, Hurghada, Dahab, Taba and the other cities since those are the most famous cities for different countries. For sure if there is someone visiting Egypt for the first time, Cairo has to be one of the cities to visit.

Khan el-Khalili Bazaar / Fot. Mohamed Gharieb Ibrahem ElsawiWhat is special about Cairo? Can you tell Wiadomosci24 something interesting about this city, which Polish won’t read in the Internet, press or books? Maybe about the night in Cairo? What do you have that we haven’t?
- Cairo is the capital of Egypt since the Arab army came to Egypt and introduced the Arabic language and the Islamic religion till now and it was the ancient capital in the early pharaoh time. The major Cairo (the capital) is divided into two main parts: Giza city and Cairo city (the border between them is the Nile river). Cairo is one of the biggest capitals in Africa and the middle east. Its population is nearly about 20 million people. Every day there are nearly 3 million people visiting it for work or as a tourist from inside and outside Egypt.
Cairo is one of the cities that have the title of “the city that never sleeps”. All the time of the day there is activity. A lot of restaurants, cafes, clubs and supermarkets are working 24 hours. And at night there is more life than at the morning, especially in summer. Oriental cafes are a good place to spend a night, if you are visiting Cairo, where you can drink oriental drinks, and for sure the most famous “shesha” smoking (a water pipe that use in it a fruit flavored tobacco, in Lebanon and Syria the call it “nargela” in Egypt we call it “shesha”). There are a lot of restaurants that make oriental and traditional Egyptian food. And for those who like other types of dining-locations, you can find all the famous fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut. You can even find Chinese food, THI food, and other Arabian restaurants. So don’t worry if the Egyptian food wasn’t good for you, we have every type of restaurants in Cairo.

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