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The Hazi Bros. "The Plum Harvest Was Bad ..." - "In My Own Words"

German band The Hazi Bros., released this year, second studio album entitled "The Plum Harvest Was Bad Last Year".

Hazi Bros "The Plum Harvest Was Bad Last Year" - album cover / Fot. Henrik JacobIn our series of articles "In My Own Words", Howie Hazi, leader and frontman of The Hazi Bros. tells exclusively the readers of Wiadomosci24.pl about a new album "The Plum Harvest Was Bad Last Year".

1. Diogenes Howie Hazi/The Hazi Bros:

I've always been interested in the borderlines of sanity to insanity. Diogenes with his quest for human beings was perfect for it. In the course of writing the song the focus switched from Diogenes to his virtual son. When I played this song for my friend Sue Foy in Hungary for the first time, she looked at me and said, Howie, you are sick.

2. Ode an den Jüngling (Ode to the Young Man) The Hazi Bros:

Hardy was fascinated by Frank Wedekinds poem and wrote the music for it. Its a warning: dont touch the beautiful girls breasts or you die. Wedekind died pretty early. The instrumental parts between the verses are, as we believe, from an Italian folk song. The song is destined to calm down parts of our German audience that keeps on demanding us singing songs in German.

3. A Man Stares The Hazi Bros:

A desperate man tries to save his ass by trying to get consolation from the sea. A piece of Beat Poetry. Another borderline song, as in Diogenes. The lyrics of this song have a German version in its history which is long gone and forgotten; just a glimpse of it was in my subconscious which made it the base of A Man Stares.

4. The Plum Harvest Was Bad Last Year The Hazi Bros:

Ben is following me in his song by seeking a rest. He wrote this song in Hungary in the vineyard of Lehmann, Györgyi, who is one of the Hungarian masters of plum and grape brandy. The title of the song derives from a week wed spent in Belgrade in 2009: a friend from Belgrade-based band MRZINE, Alexandar, brought us the sad news about not being able to provide us with an extra bottle of his home-made local plum brandy (rakija) by saying, Sorry, guys, the plum harvest was bad last year.

5. One More Cup of Coffee The Hazi Bros:

The Hazi Bros.s rendition of a Dylan song. Its Hardys favourite Dylan song ever. The arrangement is a result of a very intense collaboration between Hardy and me in my recording studio during x-mas, 2009.

6. The Spirit of a Perfect Hobo Life The Hazi Bros:

On many trips to America I had to put up with self-centred full-blooded Americans who wouldnt know that Germany was divided for almost thirty years (and Chicago is NOT the capital of Poland, after all.) This song is a pay-back. The background-singing in the refrain (Hobosexua-diddlelee-dee) was Bens idea; Ben and Hardy are doing a great jobs with it during live shows. For the recording I sang it myself.

7. The Chemical Song The Hazi Bros:

A man and a woman on a borderline again - I seem to be obsessed with that. Happy-ending, though. A Turkish chemistry student is so impressed by it that she promised to come up with a choreography for it to be performed by herself when well play in her native town, Izmir. This will happen in April, 2011.

8. Mrs Revolution The Hazi Bros:

Whats going on in an older woman who had spent her life as a believing communist after communism has crashed in her country and shes now getting her pension from her enemies? This is working for almost all of East-Europe. For a huge part of a certain generation it has been a great challenge to cope with the sudden loss of the God of Communism and the power theyd had. Not all of them can cope with it. Hardy and I had been active in supporting oppositional forces in East-Germany; after the wall went down we could see that the generation of our parents had problems. The song focuses on our (fictitious) mothers.

9. The Longing The Hazi Bros:

Nina Lehmann wrote the original German lyrics for the song; I translated them and put them to music in 1986. A love-song. Tragic, of course. Weve performed this song, along with others we had at the time, in Czechoslovakia, Poland and Bulgaria none of us had been allowed to go and play in Western countries. Our love for East Europe derives from this time. We met so many great people there that we keep returning whenever its possible until this day.

10. Swabian Beauty The Hazi Bros:
Large parts of East-Berlin were taken over by Swabians from South-West Germany starting in the mid-nineties seeking for the unique atmosphere of art and resistance and destroying it at the same time. The song is a protest against gentrification. On Nov 11, 2009, an alliance of independent art galleries organized an anti-gentrification demonstration in Berlin, one of the funniest demonstrations Ive ever participated in. It was lead by an expensive Mercedes car with a gigantic sound system and a caraoke CD of this song in it, and me in tailcoat and a megaphone in my hands singing the song live about 18 times.

11. Replacement for a Subsequent Cigarette The Hazi Bros:

Ben wrote this on Sardinia, 2010. Weve written a song each there; the other one will make it onto the next CD.

12. Baby Let Me Follow You Down The Hazi Bros:

A wonderful pre-Dylan love-song by Reverend Gary Davis one of Hardys favourites. Its actually hard to say if Davis really write this song; its attributed to many musicians. Davis seems to be the most likely one although hed blown his horn very loud.

13. The Hazi Bros. Blues The Hazi Bros:

The archetypical blues band song. The music patterns of this song had been used once to help Ben improvising on his guitar; his solo gives proof that hes learned his lessen excellently. When it came to writing the lyrics, I included Frankie in the last verse; hes the guy with whom Ive founded the band in Budapest.

14. Songwriters Lament The Hazi Bros:

I act as a songwriter here without being able to take it too serious. Its a mixture of past and present, all reflected by the mirror of a mysterious love. The song is a parody and a crush at the same time; as much as I dislike bad lyrics or boring songs, I still love the genre.

The Hazi Bros. "The Plum Harvest Was Bad Last Year": released 2010

Buy "The Plum Harvest Was Bad Last Year"

The Hazi Bros.:

Howie Hazi: voice, guitar, upright bass, back voc

Ben Hazi: electric bass, electric guitar, back voc

Hardy Hazi: voice, mandolin, banjo, back voc

The Hazi Bros. Official MySpace Page

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