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The phenomenon of Coca-Cola

I bet everyone has drunk Coca-Cola at least once. If not, you must know the brand very well. Coca-Cola is the most famous drink around the world. Is it only a dark fizzy drink or may be something more? What other products can compete with it?

America, Europe, Asia, Africa – it is drunk everywhere. Some people treat Coca-Cola as a symbol of unification, some as a sign of American domination around the world. What is sure, Coca-Cola is an international beverage recognized by 94 percent of world’s population. Approximately 10.450 Coca-Cola brand drinks are consumed each second around the world (Research).

Coke has its long history. It was first invented in 1886 by Pemberton. His friend James Robinson made up a catchy name and created a logo. Then Asy Candler took over the sale and registered the brand. It was him who advertised and promoted Coca-Cola brand in the world. In the Soviet Union Coke was treated as a poison, as a symbol of capitalism. This beverage was strictly criticized during communism, especially by poets e.g by Polish poet Adam Ważyk in “Song about Coca-Cola”. Despite this fact Coke came to Europe and succeeded. Even isolated China allowed to sell Coke in 1978 (History of Coca-Cola).

Coca-Cola drink is a mystery beverage. Its formula is a top secret. Only few people in the world know all contents of the mixture. The concentrate is produced in the company base and is then sent to other departments. The copy of original formula lies in SunTrust’s Bank in Atlanta City. What is interesting, Coca-Cola contained cocaine until 1913. It had to be removed then because people were getting addicted to the drink.

Coca-Cola is out of the ordinary. It hides many fascinating facts worth considering. It is believed for example:
• In Hong Kong, heated coca cola is used as a remedy for cold.
• It kills warms and germs.
• It is advised when you have stomach problems.
• It is used to remove mildew.
• It is an excellent cleaner for silver.
• In pigments, it would have green colour.
• It helps when you are tired and sleepy.
• It is a great remedy for hangover!
• Coke was the first soft drink taken to the space on the shuttle Challenger. (Amazing facts)

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Oh, no i oczywiście plusik ; )

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Doskonały artykuł, chociaż i tak wolę Pepsi : )

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Początkowo sądziłem, że to "artykuł sponsorowany" ;-) ale dowiedziałem się o kilku ciekawostkach i również ciemnych stronach działalności tego koncernu... [+]

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Psy są dziwne :) Ale kotów w dziedzinie nieprzewidywalności nie pokonają.

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Moja fenomenalna su_nia :) też lubiła Colę więc nazwaliśmy ją Coca-Cola, alias Kola.
Moja Coca-Cola jest nawet w galerii link :)

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