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The Real Beauty

Most of us, especially when we are young, do not like what we see when we are standing in front of our mirrors. We think that we are too tall or too short. We complain that our skin is too dark or we have curly hair instead of straight hair, and the list goes on.

 / Fot. Luiza MayorgaIn different parts of the world there are very contrasting opinions about good look. The residents of Papua New Guinea paint their faces and cover their skin with dirt. They put feathers in their hair to look like birds they admire. In some parts of Africa the fat wife is considered a beauty and a sign of her husband’s wealth. In Europe however many girls starve themselves to get slim. They spend countless hours and lot of money to darken their skin and curl their hair.

And what do others do to look beautiful? They try to make themselves pretty in exactly opposite way, by lightening their skin and making their hair straight.

So, what is the real beauty? Is it a light or dark skin, curly or straight hair, fat or slim body?

You need to remind yourself of what you already know. The physical appearance is not the most important thing in life. It does not matter if you are tall or short, neither does it matter if you hair is straight or curly. The most significant thing in your life is who you are, your relationship with God, yourself and others. That is your true look, the real beauty in you. It is your personality that people see through your skin that matters the most.

The individual standards are all the same despite times and places. All over the world, people value respect, responsibility, compassion, sharing, perseverance, friendship, cooperation and discipline. Those values build up the backbone of personality and character - and they have major impact for your future more than anything else. They are more important than the colour of your eyes or skin complexion. Your character does not only show how well you get along with other people but it shows how well do you perform as an individual, and if you can be successful in life.

It is important to be aware of your qualities as a person on your own. In order to know yourself you need to make a self-evaluation from time to time by asking simple questions:
1. Am I always honest with my family, friends?
2. Am I doing what is right for me and others?
3. Do I participate in different activities to the best of my abilities?
4. Do I make good decisions concerning myself and others?
5. Am I on time for all appointments and engagements?
6. Do I do my chores on time and complete them without complaining?
7. Am I a person who likes to share and cares for others?
8. Do I love and respect myself and my neighbors?
9. Do I take proper care of myself, my body hygiene and nutrition?
10. Am I a friendly person and do I cooperate with others without rejecting anybody?

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  • Aleksandra
  • 28.10.2010 12:15

Matko kochana - angielski na poziomie przeciętnego licealisty. Aż strach czytac.

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