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Thy Veils "Mountain And Cloud" - "In My Own Words"

Romanian ambient band Thy Veils, released this year, fifth studio album entitled "Mountain and cloud".

Thy Veils "Mountain And Cloud" - album cover / Fot. Ovidiu HrinIn our series of articles "In My Own Words", Daniel Dorobantu, leader of Thy Veils, tells exclusively the readers of Wiadomosci24.pl about a new album "Mountain And Cloud".

1. "Mountain and cloud" Daniel Dorobantu/Thy Veils:

- This song, that also gives the album title, is inspired by Tozan's words that I first encountered in "The Zen Mind" film: "The blue mountain is the father of the white cloud. The white cloud is the son of the blue mountain. All day long they depend on each other, without being dependent on each other. The white cloud is always the white cloud. The blue mountain is always the blue mountain". After showing this text to Ciprian Costache (guitar; member of Arc Gotic) and Anna Kontridze (tabla), we improvised freely over a simple looped melody that I've made a few days before our meeting. The song came out in one take and a few days later we re-recorded the tabla in the studio for a better sound.

2. "Nature" Thy Veils:

- A song inspired by a persistent feeling that I had for a long time in my life, that of being "caught between worlds", a "frontier being". Eventually it led to finding the necessary peace of mind mostly in nature, only there being able to contemplate your own inner nature. Fortunately, Manuela knew instantly what this was all about, no words and explanations were required. We recorded the song while rehearsing and a few months later Petrica colored the story with his trumpet.

3. "Clocks" Thy Veils:

- "Clocks" is a song that was not initiated by any thought, feeling or mental image. It was just a curiosity towards the way things work. Contemplating the mechanics of the flow... patience... Some clocks speaking Japanese, as my sister said after hearing it. Generative techniques and free improvisation were used to build the sonic foundation and then Manuela and Petrica explored it their way.

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