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We write stories and take photos from all around the world. We are the media!

Wiadomosci24.pl is a place for us to write and publish articles, to show photographs and to inform the society about news and events around us. Although Wiadomosci24.pl is a part of a big, multinational media corporation, it allows and even encourages us, ordinary people, to publish our stories, to be real journalists, to be a part of global citizen journalism.

Yes, it's called citizen or (better in my opinion) grassroots journalism, which means that every ordinary person – like me and you - can be a reporter, everyone can be a journalist. It's not too difficult: you just have to look carefully and describe what you see. It's so simple, it's so exciting too!

We, ordinary citizens, gathered in this challenging place, acting together as a friendly (but tough) community, do the best we can: we try to share our best knowledge, opinions and thoughts with other people, with global Internet community. We, the former audience, we have become journalists, and now, we are the most valuable voice here, as Jay Rosen writes: But we’re not on your clock any more. Tom Curley, CEO of the Associated Press, has explained this to his people. “The users are deciding what the point of their engagement will be — what application, what device, what time, what place.”

It is true; we decide what we write about. It's great, I think, because we, ordinary people and former audience, know exactly what you want to read about and what subjects and points of views are not covered by mainstream media. Of course, the fact that we are journalists means that we have to be at least as good as professionals are. We must maintain core principles: fairness, accuracy and thoroughness. Once again – it's hard and challenging, but it can be real satisfaction to be good, ethical journalist. We are not worse than professionals, we want and we try to be better - the best!

As I said, we, the authors, are ordinary people: teachers, students, drivers, lawyers, pensioners... We write articles about cultural events in our surroundings, about politics in our world and about environment in our towns and villages. We live in big cities and small towns, mostly in Poland, but few of us live at present time abroad: in Germany, France, USA, Italy, UK, etc... We write stories and take photos from all around the world. We are the media!

Author: Maciej Lewandowski

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